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Company Overview

Chemicals, Cement, Metals, Minerals and more…

GCC PROTEK is an internationally-active company providing varied intermediaries and raw material products to diverse locations of the world in most efficient ways;


  • by meeting the global needs of customers using its unique supply chain management, shipping and logistic network
  • by further developing international network of suppliers that provides flexibility to adapt in global industry dynamics
  • by having an alternative supply scenario as back up for each market


Established in Istanbul in 2009, GCC PROTEK is a multinational marketer and distributor of high quality industrial raw materials and focuses on Turkiye, Middle East, CIS Countries, South America, West Africa and Europe.

The company products range from Fine Chemicals for highly specialised applications, to bulk Cement & Clinker delivered in shiploads to major construction sites.

GCC PROTEK business traverses a broad range of industries including Ceramic, Rubber, Dye, Adhesive, Waxes, Building Materials, Water Treatment, Plastics, Agrichemicals, Pulp & Paper.

GCC PROTEK's goal is to provide a complete package of technically outstanding products, supported by proficient, responsive staff and first class logistics.

After more than 15 years in business, GCC PROTEK is proud to remain a privately owned Company, with sufficient resources to undertake complex, large scale transactions, and the flexibility afforded by a responsive management structure.


Value Proposition...

The company prides in it's ability to add value and create synergies for the suppliers and customers.

GCC PROTEK allows the clients to make informed choices with complete support and advice.

GCC PROTEK maximizes coordination and information exchange across the world to optimize worldwide flows of products so that customers can have best solutions to needs. 

Believing importance of the products for effective production, GCC PROTEK supplies safe, and value for money with a performance beyond expectations of the customers.

The company practically performing to get trust from its clients by win-win applications and pursuing customer-oriented business activities by activating in CRM.



GCC PROTEK guarantees to produce of the highest quality that matches international standards, accompanied by timely shipments and very competitive prices.

GCC PROTEK aims "to be the best in quality, in sell and service" in order to fulfill the requirements of overseas customers, and to be competitive beyond price factor in this industry where distinction is extremely challenging.


Longevity and experience…

GCC PROTEK’s reputation and its staff are its two most precious assets.

The Company’s management and sales ranks are drawn from a diversity of professions including chemistry, construction, marketing, finance and international trade law.

GCC PROTEK prouds of carrying three abilities; being advisor, consultant and a supplier at the same time in order to do the BEST for it’s customers’ needs.

GCC PROTEK at vision believe in customers satisfaction, quality products supplied in time, precisely to the requirement of the customers in it’s main goal of achievement and GCC PROTEK prouds of confirming that it could so far maintain this quality and standard.


Strategic network…

GCC PROTEK is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkiye. In addition to Istanbul, the company's network comprises strategically located office in Castellon/SPAIN. In each market contract warehousing is maintained in multiple locations to support timely deliveries as and when required.

Today GCC PROTEK actively trades with more than 15 countries throughout the World.

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